Wunsupona Coaching

Employee wellness with a personal touch.

At our heart, we’re a health coaching company. Get world-class 1:1 wellness coaching that employees can book on their own.

What our coaching clients say

Our unique brand of boutique coaching for employees .

Employees get a personalized health plan.

This is private time, virtually, with our certified health and wellness specialists.

Customized to your needs.

We offer blocks of 30-minute sessions, but we’ll customize anything if you have employees who need a longer-term approach.

Experienced coaches

All of our coaches are certified, and with years of professional experience in their field. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Try it and see the difference in our quality of health coaching, or you’ll get a full refund. We are a health coaching company at our core. We don’t simply offer it as a product, we live and breathe it and we only use high quality, experience coaches who we have personally vetted.  We also have the ability to adapt to the needs of your employees, and do so constantly 🙂

We do not want pricing to be a stressor for you. Prior to founding Wunsupona, we were (and still are) healthcare providers. We believe everyone deserves wellness education and an opportunity to improve their health. If you are a small or struggling business, or don’t have the funds, please reach out; we will work something out with you. 

Of course. We’d be pretty bad at this otherwise, right? We’re happy to build anything you need and design it to be as personal as you’d like. Want something internal put on the Livestream just for your company? We can even do that for you.