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Coverage for your stuff, in and out of your home


Next-gen online sessions that aren't boring


Hand-crafted wellness that's point and click

Wellness Boxes

We mail experiences, not stuff

wellness may not be your jam. or You've got, like, 10 other jams.

Build a wellness program, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. Except nobody is using the app you licensed, no one shows up for the events and your c-suite is, well, meh about it. You want something different, better and easier.  

At-work employee wellness like you never imagined

Chalk full of unique experiences and “ah-ha” moments. Think cryotherapy, 3D-body scans, tea tastings, 5-sensory immersive experiences and more. We handle every aspect so it’s point and click for you.

virtual conent based in science, delivered through story.

The ‘north star’ of our virtual content – from hour long workshops to our virtual kitchen to our 15 minute health bites – is to inspire personal health epiphanies. Booking takes under 90 seconds and we’ll even help you market it.

Wellness boxes that gift an experience.

Pre-designed boxes include tea tastings, aromatherapy, stress relief and more. Or we’ll make one custom for your workforce and budget.

your concierge team of health experts, educators and story tellers.

We’re experienced health care professionals who get easily bored with the usual stuff. We’ll help you build and grow a successful employee wellness program.

Dr. Jessie Biondi

Founder, Wunsupona