Wunsupona Retreats

Not a health fair. A health experience.

We’ll transform your space into a spa-like health & wellness retreat where employees embark on an immersive, educational journey through rejuvenation experiences that engage all 5 senses.

We guide employees on an immersive, educational health and wellness journey that engages all 5 senses.

Trusted by 100’s of businesses, big and small

“I absolutely loved it!  It was amazing!  We rarely take the time to care for ourselves and participating in this was just the self-care that I needed.  Please hold more!”

Why choose a Wunsupona Retreat ?

Finally, something different

Health and wellness can be fun, educational and doesn’t have to feel like work. We’ll prove it.

Designed with your employees in mind

The guided experience can be done at the employees own pace, as quickly as 20 minutes or as long as they’d like. Every experience includes a skill that the employee can take with them. 

Streamlined booking, customized experience

We learn your needs, create the content and guide employees through the experience. This allows for a smooth, expertly run event.

Here's how the process works.

1. Select your experiences

We'll help you choose what's right for you. Our basic package includes a variety of educational and engaging health and wellness activities, or choose the enhanced components if you really want to spoil your workforce. Everything can be customized.

2. Get your blueprint

Tell us about your space and we'll create a blueprint so you'll know exactly what the event will look like. Your space will be transformed into a wellness retreat. This may include lighting, greenery, music, infusers or anything else that makes the space feel welcoming and engaging. All cleared with you ahead of time, of course.

3. Sign them up

Having a registration list is helpful as it allows us to best plan the experiences. One the day of your event, we'll bring everything needed to transform your workspace into a health and wellness retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our retreats are similar to health fairs in that we provide access to a diverse array of education across a variety of health topics, but that’s where the similarities end. We’ve hand-crafted our sessions for maximum engagement. This includes things like constructing micro-environments within the setting, attention to aroma and sound, videos that complement activities, noise cancelling headphones and so many other techniques to help participants fully immerse in each activity.

A typical health fair may provide a mindfulness table, generally staffed by a person who discusses mindfulness with attendees.

Our mindfulness “table” is, instead, a guided, virtual reality meditation complete with goggles, noise cancellation, music, custom-made 3D video, guided narration and integrated aromas. We then provide guided relaxation videos that can be used at home by the attendees, complete with information about how to use them for greatest stress and anxiety reduction effect.

We do not want pricing to be a stressor for you. Prior to founding Wunsupona, we were (and still are) healthcare providers. We believe everyone deserves wellness education and an opportunity to improve their health. If you are a small or struggling business, or don’t have the funds, please reach out; we will work with you.

Of course. We’d be pretty bad at this otherwise, right? We’re happy to build anything you need and design it to be as personal as you’d like.

Typically they are provided at your place of business, but we can create them anywhere and can even do them virtually if your business doesn’t have a physical location. 

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

We understand that things happen and schedules can change. You can cancel or reschedule your event at no charge two weeks or more prior to the event. There is a 50% cancellation fee for events cancelled less than two weeks prior to the event. We charge 100% of the fee for events cancelled with less than 72 hours notice. Thank you for understanding.