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Stuff We Get Asked

Wunsupona is pronounced ” Once Upon A”. It’s how all the best stories start. The beginning. The path ahead will be full of excitement and challenges, difficulties to overcome, successes to be earned. You are about to embark on a story. The main character is you.

We told you this would be different, didn’t we? As the hero in your story, you’ll be assigned narrator to help you tell it. He or she is a certified health coach who will guide you along your journey, providing motivation, education and accountability. You can talk with them every day if you need to. 
Then you’ll have a variety of highly qualified sidekicks with specific super powers. They are trained in all sorts of health and wellness areas – personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs, financial coaches, stylists, breathwork specialists, and so many more.
You and your narrator will choose when, and how to bring them into your story.  You may need the same one over and over to help conquer an obstacle. Or you may need a larger posse who comes and goes as your villains arise.

It’s your story, we just help you live it. The program is unique and handmade from scratch for every client. Your health coach – “narrator” – will bring in additional sidekicks as you need them. 

We don’t do pre-set stuff or cram you into a certain program and just hope it fits you.  Instead, we craft your plan around you and it evolves as you evolve.

The success of these next chapters in your life is multifactorial. While we guarantee engaging, highly educated, interactive and motivating coaches, the outcome really depends on the hero – you. This will be different from other things you’ve tried, so we do offer a no-questions-asked money back guarantee after 1 full week you are not feeling us.

Lots of our coaches offer specific packages and you can click the “talk to a human” button at the top or bottom of the page to chat with us about what might make sense if you need something very specific. 

That said, we strongly recommend our 12-week package. Every good story follows a winding path and you don’t want to rush the ending. The results will come, but without the time investment they won’t be sustainable. On average it takes 66 days for a habit to stick. Trust the process and enjoy the journey!